Pipe And Drape, Drapery Rental

We can customize any package to suit your needs. We also carry Pink, Blue, Purple, Green & Black Carpet, which can be cut to the size necessary for your event. Media Wall information below.


Black 8′ high $3.25/linear foot

Black 10′ high $3.50/linear foot

Black 12′ high $3.75/linear foot

Black 14′ high $4.00/linear foot

Black 16′ high $4.25/linear foot

All other colors other than Black:

Call For Pricing

Colored, Doubled (in fullness):

Call for Pricing


Adjustable Upright 7′ to 12′ $10

Adjustable Spreader 7′ to 12′ $15

Adjustable Spreader 4′ to 7′ $8

Base 12″ X 12″ $5

Sand Bag 35lbs $5


Rental prices only (does not include delivery or setup)
Delivery, setup, and operating technicians are available